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Motorcycle Accidents: Potential Products Liability Case?

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accident, News, Personal Injury

Human Error or Faulty Parts?

When an accident occurs on the open road, there are many factors that can aid in its occurrence. There could be human error on the part of either driver, or there could be road conditions that played a role in the crash taking place. More recently, something that has caught the attention of the attorneys at Marcari, Russotto, Spencer, and Balaban are faulty ignition switches from General Motors and the accelerator pedals from Toyota that have been directly linked to several major motor vehicle accidents, and over a dozen deaths.

Those accidents were initially deemed to have been caused by driver error, but, through investigations, it was finally brought to light that mechanical defects were the sole culprit. It’s also possible for defective parts in motorcycles to cause accidents, injuries, and death. When someone is riding a motorcycle, it’s important for them to not only wear a helmet but to also make sure that protective gear is covering their bodies, so that if and when an accident occurs, they’re injuries are far less substantial than they could be. If at any time, a motorcycle, a helmet, or protective equipment fails on a rider, they’ve got themselves a claim for a product liability lawsuit.

Recent news has reported that Harley-Davidson, one of, if not the most popular manufacturer of motorcycles in the United States issued a recall that affects more than 200,000 motorcycles from 2014, as well as over 300,000 motorcycles from 2015. The problems that were found to be substantial include faulty cylinder(s) that disallow the clutch from disengaging, defective fuel-pump seals, and clasps that could be the reason that saddlebags fly off the back of a motorcycle – the latter, have already contributed to roughly 40 accidents and over five minor injuries.

Common Problems with Motorcycle Designs and Manufacture:

There can also be problems with the protective equipment that motorcycle riders use. Any helmet must meet all required safety and design specifications that are set forth by the United States Department of Transportation. Helmets that do not, and are not equipped to over sufficient protection to riders are only aiding in the rider possibly being more inclined to have a traumatic brain injury. Many companies are able to be faced with a products liability claim if they choose to ignore these parameters put in place and label their equipment as DOT-approved when in actuality they are not.

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