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The Most Common Causes for Motor Vehicle Accidents!

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accident, News, Personal Injury

The Most Common Causes for Motor Vehicle Accidents!

In the United States, it’s quite common to see, hear, or even pass by a motor vehicle accident.

Fortunately enough, oftentimes most motor vehicle accidents are minor in regards to damage and injuries – a roughed up bumper, or maybe a side-view mirror is missing. However, that’s not always the case, as innocent victims are severely injured and sometimes also killed in motor vehicle accidents caused by negligent and reckless drivers.

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Take a look at the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents below!

Distracted Driving

Across the United States, the unanimous leading cause of motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving. More recently, it’s common to see motorists becoming distracted by smartphones, GPS-devices, the radio, other passengers, eating/drinking, applying make-up and subsequently removing their attention from the road. In turn, this increases their odds of being involved in and unfortunately injured in an accident.

According to Esurance, the three most common forms of distracted driving are cognitive, visual and manual distractions.

Cognitive distractions are when a driver’s mind is not properly focused on the road in front of them. A visual distraction, which is far too common, is when a driver takes their eyes off the road for any reason, whether it’s to use an electronic device like a GPS or a cell phone.

Manual distractions are when drivers remove their hands from the usual, and recommended, “ten-and-two” position, to perhaps eat and drive, or to retrieve something from their wallet, purse, or backpack.

Drunk Driving

It’s pretty simple, drinking and driving in any capacity is certainly a large reason for motor vehicle accidents. Please never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking, there are plenty of alternative ways to get home safely without putting yourself and others at risk.

The National Highway Traffic & Safety Association reports that almost 30 people are killed every day due to drunk driving accidents.

If you or someone you love needs help with substance abuse, please click here – it could save a life.


Speeding is widely regarded as the second leading cause of motor vehicle accidents nationwide. It’s a sad truth, but many motorists out there choose to disregard the posted speed limits put in place and drive at a speed that they deem satisfactory.

In 2017, there were over 9,700 deaths from motor vehicle accidents involving speeding. In 2018, that number thankfully decreased but not by much, with a reported 9,300+ deaths. We cannot stress enough how incredibly important it is to make sure that you are always obeying the speed limits put in place when traveling – as failure to do so greatly increases the risks of an accident occurring.

Reckless Driving

It’s not a shock to learn that driving recklessly will cause motor vehicle accidents – it’s the complete opposite of what we’re supposed to do when we get behind the wheel. In fact, 33% of all fatal car accidents in the U.S. are a direct result of reckless driving.

Most people may think that reckless driving is just a synonym for speeding, but that’s not always the case. Here are some other ways that drivers can unknowingly be reckless on the open road:

  • Tailgating
  • Failing to stop or yield at road signs
  • Improperly breaking
  • Failure to use their turn signals
  • Failing to use their headlights at night, or in the rain
  • Making illegal turns, illegal U-turns, or lane changes

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