3 Mistakes You Can Make After A Car Accident

1. Speaking with the Insurance Company. It is important to be very cautious when speaking to the Insurance Adjuster about your car accident. The statements you make could be used in a negative connotation later in your claim.

2. Settling for a “Quick Check” with the Insurance Company.  Far too often car accident victims are pressured into settling for a “Quick Check” from the Insurance Company. But don’t forget sometimes injuries show up weeks or even months after the accident. You may have medical bills and lost wages you didn’t anticipate.  If you sign the Insurance Company’s release, you no longer have the ability to file a personal injury claim.

3. Not seeking medical treatment. A delay in seeking medical treatment for injuries sustained during your accident could hurt your personal injury claim. The Insurance Adjuster may consider your injuries less severe if you have any delay or gap in treatment.

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