AAA Traffic Accident Statistics Point to Most Dangerous Counties in North Carolina for 2013

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AAA Carolinas recently issued its 20th annual report ranking the “Top 5 Dangerous Counties” for several types of vehicle crashes. The rankings are based on 2013 statistics from the North Carolina Department of Transportation and consider the number of miles traveled on roads within each county versus the number of traffic incidents.

Your most dangerous and your safest North Carolina counties of 2013

The AAA report compiles statistics on all vehicles and concludes that your best chance of being in a collision is in Pitt County, followed by New Hanover, Vance, Person and Stanly. If you’d like to avoid an accident, your best five counties are Polk, Haywood, Camden, Jackson and Swain.

When it comes to injurious accidents, Graham takes the lead, then Pitt, New Hanover, Gaston and Hoke. To avoid injury, you should probably drive in Camden, Tyrell, Currituck, Swain or Perquimans. Graham led in fatal crashes, with Alleghany, Alexander, Bladen and Vance filling out the category. Your best chance for avoiding a fatal vehicle crash was in Pasquotank, then Warren, Washington, Chowan and Tyrell.

For motorcyclists, the most dangerous county was Graham, which placed first in collisions, injurious crashes and fatal crashes. Anson County led in tractor trailer crashes and Gates County placed first for injurious tractor trailer crashes. Gates had the most fatal big rig accidents.

Finally, pedestrians were most at risk of being hit and injured in Tyrell County, while Warren County was the scene of the most pedestrian fatalities.

Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban urges you to drive safely

Statistics offer a grim reminder of the need for safe driving practices. Certainly, in these worst performing counties, drivers and pedestrians should exercise extreme caution. However, accidents can occur anywhere and at any time; the cost of our health and safety is eternal vigilance. Please, drive safely.

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