Avoiding Distracted Driving in North Carolina

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Distracted driving continues to be the cause of many accidents in North Carolina. We see the devastation an accident can cause to a person and their family every single day. Being injured in a car accident with a distracted driver can leave you with permanent injuries, stacks of medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, which may never go away.

According to the Division of Motor Vehicles Traffic Records Branch North Carolina Department of Transportation, distracted driving contributing circumstances equaled more than 4,000 accidents in 2012.

DISTRACTED DRIVING               1,311              3         450
DISTRACTED DRIVING BY ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION DEVICE (CELL, TEXT, ETC.)                  861              7         373
DISTRACTED DRIVING BY ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION (NAVIGATION, DVD, ETC.)                  391              2         172
DISTRACTED DRIVER BY OTHER INSIDE               1,115            -           483
DISTRACTED DRIVER BY EXTERNAL DISTRACTION                  371              1         135
TOTAL               4,049 13     1,613

Turn your cell phone off and store it. These numbers are alarming for drivers on the North Carolina roadways. We encourage everyone to take the proper precautions to help end distracted driving. See below a few tips to keep in mind when you get behind the wheel.

  1. If you must make a call or send a text, pull over first.
  2. Utilize your passengers for directions, phone calls and text messages.
  3. Do not eat while driving.
  4. Focus, pay close attention to your surroundings.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident with a distracted driver in North Carolina, Virginia or South Carolina, we are here to help. Call Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban Law Firm personal injury lawyers today for your free consultation, 855-435-7247.

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