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Study Links Uber and Lyft to Increase in U.S. Traffic Deaths

The past decade, which has witnessed the explosive growth of ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft, has also seen roads become more dangerous in various cities throughout the United States. Since 2011, road fatalities nationwide have increased by approximately 1,100 deaths per year, according to a recent analysis. This time period corresponds to when… Read More »

Lawyers Using ‘Black Box’ Data in Tractor-Trailer Accident Cases

For decades, news reports on airplane crashes have described searches for the “black box” that records flight data crucial to the accident investigation. Now, most tractor-trailers on the road contain a similar device, which might be pivotal in litigation when they get into accidents. These devices, known as an electronic control module (ECM) or an… Read More »

Avoid Drunk Driving Injuries During Graduation Season

When late spring turns to summer, high school graduation season sparks celebrations among high school and college students throughout the country. Whether it’s a large-scale blowout or a gathering among a few friends, alcohol is often part of the mix. Excessive drinking among young people is always dangerous, but parties, proms and other senior-year events… Read More »

Make Sure To Be Safe on National Bike to School Day

As concerns over screen time and youthful inactivity persist, National Bike to School Day gives children a reason to hop on their bicycles and get some exercise. Whether you’re old or young, cycling is a fun way to stay in shape and help the environment. However, despite laws in many states that are dedicated to… Read More »

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Suing After a Car Accident?

Deciding whether or not to sue for damages after a car accident can be an emotional ordeal. Some victims may be inclined to accept a quick settlement from an insurance company in hopes of putting the memory behind them and moving on with their lives. But settling without first getting experienced legal guidance means accident… Read More »

Who Is Responsible for an Accident with a Self-Driving Car?

In March 2018, a woman died after being struck by a self-driving Uber vehicle in Tempe, Arizona. At the time of the accident, the woman was walking her bike across a dark but otherwise empty road. Though the car’s computer system recognized the woman in the road six seconds before the collision, the car did… Read More »

How Is Pain and Suffering Determined After an Accident?

In 2018, a West Virginia jury ordered a man to pay $7.6 million to the family of a 20-year-old woman he struck and killed in 2016 while driving drunk.  The award included $500,000 to compensate for the pain and suffering the victim experienced in the six hours between the time she was hit and the… Read More »

Rise in Workers’ Compensation Claims from Car Accidents Has Insurers Concerned

A recent report by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, a workers’ compensation rating and data collection bureau, shows that while total workers’ compensation claims are declining, claims for injuries in motor vehicle accidents have risen over the past five years.  Jim Davis, the report’s author, and NCCI director, remarked, “[The crashes] often involve very… Read More »

Important Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Halloween should be a night of spooky fun for kids, where the fright is strictly for entertainment. But parents have cause to be on guard, whether for stranger danger or the inherent risks of their kids crossing the street at night. Many communities take a proactive approach with in-house costume parties and “trunk-or-treat” walks in… Read More »

Did Uber’s Driverless Car Decide Not to Avoid a Fatal Accident?

In March, a self-driving Uber SUV in suburban Tempe struck and killed a pedestrian, sending shock waves throughout the auto and technology industries. Uber, which was road-testing fully autonomous vehicles in and around Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto, abruptly stopped the testing. The victim, 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg, who was walking a bicycle outside the… Read More »

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