Distracted Driving: Don’t Text Message While Driving

With close to half of the U.S. population texting while driving, it is safe to assume that texting while driving is a pandemic issue. Distracted driving leads to serious accident injuries and fatalities.

According to CBS News, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted a survey to gather data about the prevalence of texting while driving. According to the study, 46% of drivers at age 17 have sent a text message while driving. Based on the data gathered, the research team concluded that distracted driving is the top cause of teenage fatalities. More teenagers die in auto accidents across the United States than die from any other cause. A report in USA Today indicated that teens who text while driving were also risk-takers in other ways. They were five times more inclined to drink alcohol and drive than teenagers who did not text and drive. In addition, they often did not wear their seat belts.

However, the percentage of adults who sent text messages while driving was even worse. Of adults 18 through 64, 52% answered that they texted while driving. Texting and driving is a national pandemic, one causing widespread tragedy. Think before you text.

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