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Drowsy Driving & the Danger It Causes!

Mar 30, 2020 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury

Drowsy Driving: The Danger It Causes!

Unfortunately, most drivers in the United States do not know as much about drowsy driving as they do about other problematic issues like drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs.

However, drowsy driving is just as severe, and it should certainly have a place in your mind before you decide to get behind the wheel when you feel tired. The NHTSA reports that drowsy driving could cause as many as 6,000 motor vehicle accidents each year, which is 500 accidents a month, all due to motorists feeling sleepy on the road.

The most startling statistic of them all is that when asked, one in 25 adults admitted to falling asleep while driving at least one time in the last past thirty days. This epidemic is certainly something that we can all prevent, by taking the proper steps to ensure that we are not getting behind the wheel if we feel tired, and instead, are making sure to get the proper rest, only heading out onto the open road once we feel absolutely ready to do so.

Did You Know?

If you’re driving 55 miles per hour, and you close your eyes for just five seconds, you would’ve ended up traveling over 120 yards with your eyes closed – that’s longer than a football field!

What Are The Signs? How Do I Know?

We all know the way in which we feel when our body is craving some rest, but in case you are unaware, the National Sleep Foundation, put together some signs that should help tell drivers when it’s time to put their car in park:

  • Difficulty Focusing
  • Frequent Blinking
  • Daydreaming/Disconnected Thoughts
  • Missing Exits, Stop Signs, Traffic Lights
  • Drifting From Your Lane, Tailgating Other Drivers, Driving Over the ‘Rumble Strip’
  • Feeling Restless/Irritable in The Car

If you, or someone you love, are beginning to seem fatigued or generally drowsy while they’re behind the wheel, the best thing to do is to pull over immediately and attempt to take a twenty-minute nap. Studies have shown, that a twenty-minute nap can help to increase your alertness, which in turn will make sure that you reach your destination safely.

Another way to help alleviate the feeling of being tired is to safely pull over at a rest stop or anywhere that allows you to get out of the car and take a brisk walk. According to Harvard Health, doing basic aerobic exercise was able to help improve reaction time – which is certainly key when you’re driving.

Drowsy Driving vs Drunk Driving

We’re all very aware of what drunk driving is, and why it’s so terribly devastating when someone decides that after they’ve drunk too much, that they should also subsequently go and get behind the wheel of a car. What may even be more startling to some, is that:

  • It is illegal in all 50 states (District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico as well) to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of over .08.
  • If you’ve been awake for 24 hours or longer, driving with that level of fatigue is similar in impairment to a person who has a BAC of .10.

Another way to think about it is that although both can be equally devastating to all parties involved, a drunk driver will react slowly to the other elements around them, whereas a drowsy driver can fall asleep while their vehicle is traveling at a high speed.

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