Mother’s Video May Be Last Word in Child Safety Seats

A mother who lost her three-year-old son in a car accident 12 years ago has posted a poignant and urgent video on Facebook that stresses the importance of child safety seats. Christina Miller believes her son Kyle could have survived the crash if he had been riding in a proper five-point safety harness instead of a mere booster seat. Unfortunately, when a driver ran a red light and struck their minivan, Kyle was ejected from the vehicle and killed on impact.

Ms. Miller brings up several noteworthy safety points in her video:

  • A small child in a booster seat can slip under the seatbelt.
  • A child can sustain massive internal damage from the seatbelt itself.
  • A child’s hips are not developed enough to withstand the crash force a seatbelt places on the abdomen.
  • Because a child’s spinal cord is not yet fully developed, the cord can stretch too far, causing paralysis or death.
  • Five-point harness seats are available for children up to 90 pounds.
  • A rear-facing seat is five times safer for toddlers than a forward-facing seat, and rear-facing seats are advised for children up to four years of age.

As Ms. Miller emphasizes in her video, automobile accidents are the number one killer of small children — and in many cases, these deaths are preventable. As of this writing, the video on YouTube has more than 308,000 views. It is well worth watching for any parent of small children.

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