Motorcycle Accidents May Take Many Different Forms

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Motorcycle accidents are extremely common in America, and are especially dangerous because of the lack of protection bike riders have compared to the drivers of traditional automobiles. Although some of these accidents are the result of the motorcyclist’s error, there are many situations in which the negligence of other drivers on the road causes the accident.

In these circumstances, it’s up to injured motorcycle riders and their legal counsel to demonstrate who or what caused the accident in question. Injured parties are more likely to receive compensation if they can prove the following:

  • The other driver’s careless acts caused the crash.
  • The victim suffered injuries or harm from the accident.
  • The negligent party had a duty of care that he or she failed to meet.

To prove these three conditions, you and your attorney may analyze police reports, gather eyewitnesses for testimony and put together sketches of the crash scene based on photos the investigator took and a later analysis of the scene itself. Common factors contributing to motorcycle accidents include:

  • Traffic law violations. Drivers who speed, tailgate, swerve in and out of lanes, or fail to yield in the proper situations may be considered negligent in any accidents they cause as a result.
  • Driver error. Examples include distracted or aggressive driving, intoxication, fatigue, inattention and lack of experience behind the wheel.
  • Equipment failure. If any parts of a vehicle fail, such as the tires, steering, suspension or chains, the manufacturer of the vehicle could be liable for the accident.
  • Road condition/design. Roadways should be properly maintained and designed for the safety of everyone who uses them, including motorcyclists.

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