My Experience at the Marcari, Russotto, Spencer, and Balaban Law Firm

By Bhakti Raval

“You must complete fifty hours at the Marcari, Russotto, Spencer, and Balaban Law firm,” is what we were told by our internship supervisors. What first seemed to be a tedious and somewhat daunting task quickly became a life-changing and inspirational journey.

In high school, I have been searching for the “right career path,” and it is the amount of passion that I have witnessed in this law firm that has led me to really see the big picture about what a career should be. Over the last six to seven days I have had the opportunity to meet with and even interview many staff members of this law firm. When I asked each of them what the most rewarding part of their job was, the reoccurring answer was “the satisfaction of serving others.” All of the staff members at this law firm work extremely long hours solely to make a difference.

My experience at Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban has taught me lessons on how to be successful in pretty much any field of work. I can now see why patience, dedication, commitment and passion are all important virtues to possess. I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly working environment and the abundance of energy that everyone had. I can only hope that ten years from now I have the privilege of both doing a job that truly makes a difference in the society and being able to do it with such great people.

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