New ‘Slow Poke’ Law Could Fine Slow North Carolina Drivers

A motorist going too slow in the fast lane is a common pet peeve for drivers across the country. Now, a state senator from Mecklenburg County is taking steps to make it a fineable offense in North Carolina.

Sen. Jeff Tarte recently introduced a new bill that would mandate a $200 fine for drivers traveling too slowly in the left lane of highways, and for drivers who impact the flow of traffic. The rules of the road indicate that drivers going slower than the flow of traffic should use the right lane, while those who are passing or going at faster speeds should use the left lanes. People that go slow in the left lanes can delay traffic flow and cause other drivers on the road to become frustrated, which in turn leads to dangerous activities like tailgating and moving quickly between lanes.

Although the idea has drawn support, there has been some dispute over the amount of the fine, especially when compared to the fine for texting while driving in the state, which is only $100. Other critics say that the new rules that would be introduced through this bill would be too difficult for police officers to enforce. The big question is: Would officers actually pull people over for driving too slowly in the left lane?

The bill has already passed in the state senate and is now in committee. For more information on this potential new law and about the steps to take if you have been injured in an auto accident, speak with an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney at Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban today. You may contact us online or call us at (888) 351-1038. 

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