Pedestrian Fatalities Still a Major Issue in America

Fatalities in pedestrian accidents are still occurring at very high levels throughout the United States. In 2013, for example, 4,735 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents, with another 150,000 injured. This means that about every two hours, a pedestrian will die in a traffic accident somewhere in the country.

Although all pedestrians are vulnerable to injury and death when involved in these types of accidents, older adults and children are especially at risk. People older than 65 accounted for 19 percent of all pedestrian deaths in 2013, and one in five children under the age of 14. Drivers and pedestrians impaired by alcohol are also very much at risk. Alcohol impairment (by either the driver or pedestrian) was a factor in almost half of all crashes that resulted in at least one pedestrian fatality.

So what steps can drivers and pedestrians take to help prevent these accidents from occurring? Drivers should make sure that they always yield to pedestrians who are at crosswalks, and that they stay aware at all times — especially in areas with a lot of foot traffic. They should avoid speeding and certain distractions, including cell phones, food and passengers.

Pedestrians should use crosswalks whenever possible and look both ways before crossing the street. Flashlights and reflective clothing can make them more visible at night. If a sidewalk is not available, individuals on foot should always walk on the shoulder of the road, facing traffic.

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