Social Media Use Adds to Distracted Driving Danger

By now we are all familiar with the dangers of drivers distracted by their cellphones. Talking while driving and, even worse, texting while driving increase the likelihood of an accident. But new research from AT&T reveals that smartphone users are developing even more dangerous driving habits linked to social media and internet use while driving.

AT&T found that seven out of 10 drivers engage in some type of smartphone activity while driving. If this were limited to phone calls or GPS use with a hands-free device, it would not be much of an issue.  But the shocking revelation is that drivers are using social media when they should have their attention on the road.

AT&T’s study got positive responses from the drivers polled on these types of usage:

  • Text — 61 percent
  • Email — 33 percent
  • Surf the net — 28 percent
  • Facebook — 27 percent
  • Snap a selfie/photo — 17 percent
  • Twitter — 14 percent
  • Instagram — 14 percent
  • Shoot a video — 12 percent
  • Snapchat — 11 percent
  • Video chat —10 percent

In 2010, AT&T launched an awareness campaign, similar to the “please drink responsibly” campaigns that alcoholic beverage companies have developed to combat drunk driving. Called It Can Wait, the program is designed to educate cellphone users about the dangers of cellphone distractions while driving. Although the campaign boasts that it has inspired more than 6.5 million users to pledge not to text and drive, this new research indicates the campaign has a long way to go.

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