Study Shows Even Mild or Moderate Brain Injury Can Cause Serious Damage

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A recent study conducted at Newcastle University and published in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology, has found that even mild or moderate brain injuries may lead to brain damage that inhibits the victim’s ability to function.

One of the authors noted that this finding is particularly important when considering that about 90 percent of all traumatic brain injury cases fall into the mild-to-moderate category. These types of injuries are often caused by workplace accidents, sports accidents, car and motorcycle accidents.

The researchers took MRI’s of 53 patients, all of whom had suffered mild or moderate brain injuries within six days of the scans. They compared the results to scans taken from a 33-person control group. The MRI’s from the first group showed that the white matter of the brain was affected. This area contains important nerve axons that transfer messages between brain cells. The individuals with the brain injuries also scored approximately 25 percent lower on cognitive tests than those in the control group.

The study underscores the importance of taking mild brain injuries seriously. Even if you don’t appear to have any symptoms of concussion or another type of brain injury right away, you could experience long-term damage.

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