The Truth to Multi-Tasking

South Carolina Distracted Driving Lawyer

Many of us believe we are great at multi-tasking, when in fact we are not. Each day we perform multiple tasks at one time and believe we are giving 100% to each of the tasks being performed. Unfortunately, this is not the case. How can you possibly be concentrating 100% when you’re emailing, texting, eating breakfast and talking to your children in the backseat, all while driving? The answer is you can’t.

According to the National Safety Council, “Drivers talking on cell phones can miss seeing up to 50% of their driving environments, including pedestrians and red lights. They look but they don’t see. This phenomenon is also known as inattention blindness.”

Inattention blindness has nothing to do with your actual vision. There is no defect or flaw in your vision. Inattention blindness has everything to do with the lack of attention to a specific event or action that is in plain sight. Many laws and regulations have been put forth to protect drivers from driving while distracted but are not necessarily punishable laws in every state. In fact, in South Carolina there is no ban on handheld cell phone use, only the ban of text messaging.

The lawyers at Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban have represented thousands of clients that have been injured by distracted driving or the negligence of another driver. If you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver in South Carolina, call for a free evaluation of your claim. You may also reach our experienced South Carolina accident lawyers using our online contact form or chatting live with an Intake Specialist. 

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