Traffic & Safety Tips While Driving on Black Friday

Traffic & Safety Tips While Driving on Black Friday

If you are planning to jump-start your holiday shopping on Black Friday, it’s important to recognize the special circumstances of the day, adjust your expectations, and plan accordingly. In recent years, whole host of Black Friday videos have captured worst-case scenarios of shoppers enmeshed in group hysteria, stampedes and brawls. But even when push does not literally come to shove, Black Friday poses a heightened risk of auto accidents, ranging from inconvenient to catastrophic, all because shoppers had their mind on merchandise rather than driving. To keep yourself and your family safe during busy shopping times, we recommend a few safety tips:

  • Be awake and alert — If you tend to rise without shining, give yourself extra time to wake up before getting behind the wheel. Drowsy driving is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving. If you’re driving before or around dawn, you need to be extra focused to compensate for low visibility.
  • Don’t be in such a hurry — Plan ahead so you can get to your shopping destination when you want without driving too fast. Aggressive driving and speeding contribute to the lion’s share of Black Friday accidents.
  • Drive defensively — Realize that a lot of other shoppers will behave aggressively. You’ve got to be cautious to stay out of harm’s way. Control your temper so you can avoid becoming part of someone else’s road rage.
  • The farther away you can park, the better — If you don’t have a disability that requires you to park close to a store entrance, you are statistically better off parking at the edge of the lot. This way, you will be driving past fewer cars on the way in and out, reducing your chances of an accident.
  • Watch for children — Children are hard to spot and often move carelessly and unpredictably in parking lots. Reduce your speed and anticipate that if an adult crosses your path, a child may be straggling behind.
  • Exercise extra care when in reverse — The majority of parking lot accidents occur while a vehicle is backing up. If you’re shopping with someone, it doesn’t hurt to have them stand alongside the rear of your vehicle and monitor what’s going on behind you as you back out.

At Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban, we wish you the very best of the holidays, which starts with safety for yourself and your family.

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