Were You Injured in a Virginia RV Accident?

Serious personal injury

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are becoming increasingly popular. Though they can provide many enjoyable experiences, they can also be dangerous. In 2012, there were 83 reported accidents involving RVs in Virginia alone.

Collisions involving RVs occur for many different reasons. The following factors are cause for consideration:

  • RVs are larger and more difficult to maneuver than cars. 
  • If an RV is being trailed, jackknifing or the trailer hitch failing can cause a serious accident.
  • Inexperienced RV drivers may be unable to turn safely, causing a collision with a car, bicycle or pedestrian.

If you were injured in a recreational vehicle accident, seek medical care as quickly as possible. Try to document the accident and your injuries. The evidence is critical in seeking compensation from the responsible party. Take photos of the scene of the accident, damages and write down your account of the events leading up to and following the crash.

Before speaking to any insurance agents after your accident, seek legal representation. A skilled personal injury attorney in Virginia can protect your rights and help you pursue an injury claim. Contact a trusted lawyer to learn more about your options.

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