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Winter-Weather Driving Safety!

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Blog

Winter-Weather Driving Safety!

Understanding how to the dangers of driving in the winter, and in the snow, can prove to be beneficial for those hectic commutes in December, January, and February. Most blog articles you’ll find will cover the essential tips for drivers: invest in snow tires, always check your anti-freeze, drive slower and be cautious. 

We wanted to take a different approach and use facts and figures from the world of personal injury to show exactly how dangerous it is to drive in the winter/snow, in addition to providing more detailed tips. For more information, click here to call us now!

Winter-Weather Accident Statistics:

Here’s some great information from the NHTSA and the Federal Highway Administration:

  • 3% of weather-related accidents occur due to fog.
  • 17% of weather-related accidents occur due to snow.
  • 70% of weather-related accidents occur on wet pavement.
  • 46% of weather-related accidents occur during active rainfall.
  • 13% of weather-related accidents occur due to icy pavement.
  • 17% of all motor vehicle accidents happen during winter-weather related conditions.
  • Roughly 25% of all motor vehicle accidents, just over 1.2M, are weather-related in nature.
  • Winter-weather, like snowy and icy roadways, is responsible for just under 1,800 deaths and over 135,000 injuries each year.

For more information on how to stay safe, and what precautions you can take, click here for a 27-point list provided by BigRoad.com.

Practice Safe Driving Behavior, It Can Save Lives!

Here are five different ways that you and your family can work to practice safety while driving in winter-weather:

  1. Reduce Speed: In winter weather, you should reduce your speed to guarantee that you have enough time to properly react to any potentially unexpected events on the road. This will also help you slow down without skidding.
  2. Increase Distance Between Vehicles: Similarly to the above, increasing the amount of space you leave between you and the vehicle ahead of you. This will help prevent any bumper-to-bumper motor vehicle accidents.
  3. No Distractions: We can’t urge you enough, when driving in winter weather, please resist the temptation to interact with the radio, your cell phone, or any other in-vehicle activities while behind the wheel.
  4. Avoid Cruise Control: Using cruise control in winter weather is not a great idea – it can help to increase the chance that you will lose control of your motor vehicle while driving.
  5. Skidding? Stay Calm: If your vehicle begins to skid, don’t worry! Stay calm, and continue to look and drive in the direction that you were previously going. Avoid slamming your foot on the break, as it can make the situation more difficult.

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