Client Reviews for Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban

Raleigh, NC

  • R. Muirhead - "I had an awesome team. Every question was answered. Every detail attended to. Thank you!"
  • A. Roberts – “They worked hard to help my case. I do believe that everything was handled on a very professional level and I would recommend their services to all my friends."
  • E. Davis – “I feel everyone was very kind and helpful though my process. Thank you for your help and understanding. The referral to Faison & Gillespie was appreciated also.”
  • D. Melton – “I was impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and expediency of everyone involved with my case. The paralegal was very responsive and did a great job communicating with me throughout the process. I would definitely use your firm again if the need arose. Thank you!”
  • C. Busam – “I was very grateful to have someone take over dealing with the case. The other insurance company who was at fault made me feel so awful. I was glad to give the job over to people who had my best interest in mind. Thank you so much!”
  • S. Campbell – My paralegals work was “beyond excellent.”
  • T. Brown – “Ms. Sharif and Mr. Spencer were very nice to work with. They added a human touch to a ‘dry legal’ matter. The gentleman who came to my home for my interview was nice, on-time and even provided me with a police report. Two other ‘television lawyers’ wouldn’t handle my case!! I won’t hesitate to call your firm for any legal matter. Thank you!”


  • S. McConnell – "I was very impressed with how professional everyone was, from the receptionist to everyone in between to the attorney. I am very confident in your office of attorneys and will come to you with any further concerns. Nancy and Tina are the best in the business in my humble opinion. Their honesty and concern were a great comfort through this process, which was my first time ever. I hope this is my last time!!"

Jacksonville, NC

  • M. Schwalm – " My deceased son in-law was a Marine Combat Veteran who suffered with what we believed to be was several service connected disabilities including PTSD. He died at age 32 and to say the least my daughter (Seth's wife) and their children, and of course the entire family, were devastated. He had an open claim for benefits from the VA. I was told by uninformed sources that the Veteran's death ends the claim process. In July of 2015 I walked into the firm of Marcari-Russotto-Spencer-Balaban, PC (hereafter referred to as MRSB) primarily to inform them of Seth's death and to thank them for their efforts to assist his pursuit of what we all believed to be were the benefits that he had earned.The person I met that morning was a paralegal named Ms. Amanda Medina-Morales. She was taken aback by Seth's untimely death. After offering me her heart-felt condolences and words of comfort, she assured me the battle for Seth's benefits was not over by any means. Her words were reminiscent of Captain John Paul Jones response in battle, "I have not yet begun to fight!"She told me that MRSB will file an immediate motion for Seth's widow to stand-in as Seth's substitutionary claimant. Amanda assured me that MRSB will not stop fighting for Jessica and her children until the VA awards the benefits that Seth earned and deserved. I believe it was attorney's Russotto and Spencer who likewise assured me, 'The battle may take years, so don't lose heart.'For my daughter and our entire family, going forward, Amanda became the face of the MRSB law-firm. She worked closely with me (as my daughter's representative) in garnering evidence in support of Seth's claim. She was patient, kind, persistent, and always kept us informed of any progress. She would even regularly email me just to say that while there has been no update, MRSB hasn't forgotten about us and we are still on the case. Somewhere during this past 21 months she even managed to have a baby!

    On Monday of this week we were informed of the wonderful news that Seth's claim has been favorably decided by the VA. This was no doubt due to your intervention. I am convinced without your efforts this would not have happened. I don't have the words to express how grateful we are to Amanda and to the entire team of attorney's, paralegal's and administrators at MRSB. It is my opinion that Veteran's and families are simply not equipped to take on the complicated claims process without professional assistance. For us, we are eternally grateful that MRSB, and especially Ms. Amanda Medina-Morales were fighting for Seth's widow and children. The attorney fee is an infinitesimal portion of the total anticipated benefits for our daughter and her young children going forward. This week the tears in our family have turned to tears of joy. I couldn't wait to speak with the person, who for us, is the face of MRSB - Ms. Amanda, in order to thank her and to ask her to convey our heart-felt thanks and gratitude to the entire team at MRSB. Thank you for the victory you won for our family on Seth's behalf, and for your continued efforts on behalf of other Veterans and their families. God Bless you!"

  • J. Williams – “I was really satisfied with the way they handled my case and I will recommend to someone else. My case was settled in a professional manner.” “I will recommend them to someone else and I will seek help from them again if I have to.” “I was very pleased with the law firm and how they handled my case. I want you to know that I appreciate everything that the staff has done for me in handling my case. Thank you and your staff very much!”
  • A. King – “Everyone who helped was friendly and easy to talk to. They were excellent at explaining things in a way I could understand. Thank you!”
  • S. Shockley – “My experience with the firm was outstanding and highly appreciated.” “Just as I was recommended I have and will continue to recommend other to your firm.” “Thank you all for all that your firm has done for and my family.”
  • S. Roberts – “Mr. Russotto had my best interest at heart.” “Thank you so much for your help. This was my first auto accident (hopefully my last) and I knew nothing about how the process worked. Your law firm did not take advantage of that and got me the most they could for my settlement. Thank you and God bless you all!


  • S. Cordell – “Everyone was very nice and professional with me. They were to the point. Very well to you all.” “Beginning to end, everyone explained to me what was going on at all time. From the start with the investigator, Tony Brabham to my negotiator, Tina and paralegal Jenny.“ “I didn’t dislike a thing. I made good friends and had an A+ attorney. I will recommend your law firm to everyone I know.” “I will without a doubt recommend your law firm to my family and friends. This is an A+ firm. Everyone was very kind and understanding. They explained everything to me at all times, were very kind and professional.”
  • C. Hunstman – “Thank you for all of your assistance. Vivian was a delight to work with, very pleasant, helpful, prompt, informative and had excellent customer service.”

Other NC

  • Charlotte, NC; R. Muirhead – "I had an awesome team. Every question was answered. Every detail attended to. Thank you!"
  • Fayetteville, NC; M. Marcolongo - "Although the length of the case seemed like an eternity, being patient brought the results I was expecting. And my paralegal and attorney were outstanding!! I always received quality and pristine results. I would never second guess a recommendation to your firm. I was extremely satisfied with [ln::firm_name] and the employees that contributed with diligence, courtesy and the utmost professionalism. Thank you Shelia Hemmingway and David Spencer. You will always be thought of. Your reputation is as the movie "A Few Good Men" was expected."
  • Fayetteville, NC; C. Priester – “The staff kept me informed and was always courteous and professional. I didn’t have a major money making case but they still treated me very well!”
  • Greensboro, NC; J. Harper - "The attorney was very prompt and professional during the case. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the law firm."
  • Winston-Salem; S. McConnell – "I was very impressed with how professional everyone was, from the receptionist to everyone in between to the attorney. I am very confident in your office of attorneys and will come to you with any further concerns. Nancy and Tina are the best in the business in my humble opinion. Their honesty and concern were a great comfort through this process, which was my first time ever. I hope this is my last time!!"
  • Winston – Salem, NC; S. Holder – “I was so relieved to actually have someone on my side. I was made to feel like everything was my fault by the insurance adjuster and I knew it wasn’t. I felt like I was talking with friends when I spoke with the law firm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
  • Anonymous – “Job done very well! Everyone was very friendly and nice. Thank you ever so much!”

Chesapeake, VA

  • R. Ruffin – “Everyone at the Firm is very patient, welcoming and understanding. I would and do recommend them to anyone that asks about an attorney! Any time you need them they are there. I really like the personal yet private approach 'vibe.' [They] are the best of the best.”
  • J. Ragone – “Very professional and competent. Communicates well. Keeps client up-to-date without being intrusive.”
  • J. Andrews – “Every single contact was both pleasant and professional in every way. You've earned my trust and gratitude as individuals and as a law firm. Everything was 100% positive from beginning to end. I will certainly keep your firm in mind for friends and family and give a recommendation without a reservation. I would like to sincerely thank each of you for helping me through a scary, painful experience. Being able to trust you completely gave me the peace of mind to concentrate on healing from the accident instead of worrying about all the paperwork, etc. that was foreign to me.”
  • A. Lindsey – “My experience with the law firm was very nice and cared about the best for me.” “I’ve already recommended one person and will keep you all in mind.” “I can’t thank you enough for everything. You all are awesome! Thank you so very much!”
  • C. Jamison – “Everyone was so attentive to my needs.” “Would retain you again if ever needed”


  • California; L. Hoke, Jr., Disabled American Veteran – Thank you, Thank you. Attorneys Spencer and all others who represented me. Your expertise shines as a beacon for Freedom, in that once again you lived up to your advertising you are all that and more.  You gave me hope in a legal system, which I defended with my life, by taking the time to hear me out, and then taking action to resolve a fifty year old case. GOD bless you and your firm as well as the very competent "Kristen", who was marvelous, kind and considerate. Even after all of the waiting, I am proud to have served, and blessed to have survived. GOD bless America and long live The Republic.
  • Compton, VA; R. – “I like the way my case was handled. It was done in a very professional manner. Brad and Chelle did a great job!!!!”
  • Portsmouth, VA; M. West– “Thank you very much for your time, effort and support. I am well pleased with the final results of the case. Thanks Again!”
  • Danville, VA; D. Bradshaw – “I’d like to thank Halima for all her hard work and dedication over the past year.”