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Report: Multiple States Take Action on Toxic Firefighting Foam!

Jun 2, 2020 | News, Blog, Mass Torts, Personal Injury

New Jersey, Colorado, Take Action on Toxic Foam!

On Monday, New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection added strict drinking water standards in regards to the two chemicals known to pose health risks to the community.

Perfluorooctanoic and Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid are known as PFAS, toxic chemicals which are found in the foam that is used by firefighters nationwide. The foam in question, as well as the chemicals its made up of, have been directly linked to cancer, immune system issues, and various other health effects, according to the CDC.

And, it’s not just New Jersey!

Last Thursday in El Paso County, Colorado a bill on toxic firefighting chemicals unanimously won support from Colorado’s House Finance Committee. The bill HB-1119 was approved by the House Energy and Environment Committee but became delayed when the United States started shutting down, due to COVID-19.

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Lawsuits Heat Up in West Virginia

In West Virginia, seven companies have been named in a lawsuit circling around Martinsburg, WV’s water supply becoming contaminated by toxic firefighting foam.

Charles Town, WV attorney Stephen Skinner is seeking damages on behalf of Martinsburg residents – among defendants in the lawsuit are major corporations like 3M Co., DuPont, and Chemours.

The lawsuit itself, is seeking unspecified damages and medical monitoring, and it largely alleges that negligence, battery, a general failure to warn, and a design defect are all causes of this horrible situation.

Skinner said that these companies were aware of the fact that materials were harmful and contamination was not only inevitable but that it was certainly also preventable.

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