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Aggressive pursuit of full compensation for injured patients

Trust is a vital ingredient when it comes to healthcare. You place your trust in a medical professional you hope can help your condition, and that healthcare providers trust companies that manufacture drugs and devices to produce safe products. Unfortunately, various drugs and devices turn out to be harmful to patients, worsening their health, inflicting pain and even causing wrongful death. At Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban, our personal injury attorneys fight for consumer rights in cases involving dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. We want you to obtain the complete compensation you deserve, and we want to compel those companies to develop safer products in the future.

Getting help when a medical device turns out to be defective

Patients who agree to have medical devices implanted believe the product will improve their quality of life. However, many of these products turn out to be defective:

  • Artificial hips — DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson (J&J), marketed a hip replacement system called Pinnacle®. Its metal-on-metal design caused widespread harm when it shed metal shavings into the patient’s joints. In 2013, J&J announced a $2.5 billion settlement for thousands of patients who’d suffered harm from the Pinnacle®.
  • Transvaginal mesh — Women seeking treatment for conditions such as incontinence and prolapse received a transvaginal mesh implant and suffered permanent, debilitating injuries. In 2013, the Food and Drug Administration ordered Johnson & Johnson (J&J), C.R. Bard and 31 other vaginal implant manufacturers to study rates of organ damage and other complications linked to these products.
  • Hernia mesh - Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson, voluntarily recalled its Ethicon Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh product in May 2016 due to an increased risk of side effects. Other cases include CR Bard and its subsidiary, Davol, Inc. in 2010 which settled 2,600 cases involving the Composix Kugel hernia patch for a mass settlement of $184 million dollars.

Additional medical devices that are subjects of products liability lawsuits include:

  • Heart valves
  • Pacemakers
  • Defibrillators
  • Medicinal pumps

Problems with medical devices and implants continue to be discovered. If you believe you have been hurt by a surgical or medical care product, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Dangerous drugs cause more harm than good

Numerous prescription drugs that drug companies aggressively market directly to consumers have been linked to harmful, cascading side effects. Drugs with the potential for serious side effects include:

  • Abilify®
  • Taxotere®
  • Prozac®
  • Risperdal®
  • Testosterone Therapies®
  • Xarelto®
  • Zoloft®
  • Zophran®
  • Anti-Depressants/SSRI’s
  • Byetta®
  • Januvia®
  • Paxil®
  • Pradaxa®

Attorney Don Marcari takes an aggressive approach to personal injury litigation. If you or a loved one has suffered harm from a dangerous prescription drug or medical device, you can trust our firm to pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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