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Truck accidents differ from car accidents in several respects, which is why you should seek representation from a trucking accident lawyer serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia or Florida when you are the victim of a big-rig crash. A lawyer who understands these differences is better prepared to mount a persuasive and decisive case in your favor. Lawsuits stemming from truck accidents deal with unique factors concerning their operation, including:

  • Greater weight and size — The mass and weight of an 18-wheeler adds responsibility to the operator and increases the risk of serious injury or death to others in wrecks.
  • Less maneuverability — The relatively clumsy physics of a truck in motion reduces the operator's ability to avoid accidents.
  • Tougher laws — Authorities recognize the dangers of truck wrecks and have created stringent rules for truckers and trucking companies that affect their liability in wrecks.
  • More liable parties — Truck accident lawsuits are often more complicated due to the number of liable parties involved.

Types of trucking accidents

Personal injury lawyers understand that the unique structure of the big-rig truck — its size, weight, height, load, balance, articulation, and limited visibility — are all factors that contribute to truck accidents such as these:

Rollover accidents

Trucks are at risk of a rollover because of their high centers of gravity. Stability decreases when the weight of a vehicle is high off the ground. A truck tipping over is dangerous to nearby vehicles, which are sometimes crushed under the weight of a truck in a rollover.

Rear-end collisions

The force of a big rig in motion results in disaster when the truck cannot stop or swerve in time to prevent impact. An 18-wheeler takes considerably longer to slow, stop, or swerve than a car does. Many accidents result from a truck's lack of maneuverability, while its greater force guarantees greater destruction in impacts. Our 18-wheeler accident attorneys see a variety of cases involving such catastrophic scenarios.

Cornering accidents

Trucks inherently possess three cornering problems:

  • Due to the high center of gravity, trucks are inclined to roll over while cornering.
  • Trucks have limited visibility, making it hard for the trucker to see pedestrians, bikers, or cars that may be beside the rig in a cornering situation.
  • The truck's size makes it hard to calculate the required turning radius. Objects or people on the corner often end up underneath or crushed by the truck.

Jackknifing wrecks

Jackknifing occurs when the trailer, which can be much heavier than the cab of the truck when loaded, shoves forward as the driver tries to brake under adverse conditions. The trailer shoves into the cab, twisting it backward, like a closing jackknife. With the cab facing backward, the trucker loses control completely as the rig plows forward into slower traffic or crosses the median into oncoming traffic.

Load-related accidents

The primary purpose of a truck is to carry a load. But each load introduces risks, such as:

  • Caustic spills, either through leakage, puncture, or complete loss in a tip-over accident
  • Flammable or explosive loads affected by heat, vibration, or a crash
  • Shifting or falling loads that were not properly secured or that shift in heavy winds
  • Parts of loads breaking loose and becoming projectiles

When shippers, carriers or truck drivers ignore these risks or improperly load a trailer, they must be held accountable for the injuries caused by their actions.

The role of trucking accident attorneys and our law firm

Our North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia & Florida trucking accident law firm seeks out all potentially liable parties in order to maximize your compensation. We pay attention to the unique details and circumstances of your accident and use those details to your advantage in every way possible to recover the full amount of all your damages.

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