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Given the role the spine plays in the human body, spinal injuries — damage to the spinal column — can lead to severe issues almost anywhere in the body and may never fully heal. When you or a loved one suffers a back injury in South Carolina, the experienced lawyers at Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban can seek significant compensation for your injuries from those who wronged you.

Common types of spinal injuries

Spinal injuries are classified as either complete or incomplete. When you suffer a complete spinal injury, you lose all ability to feel and move on your own free will below the level on the spine at which the injury occurred. Incomplete injuries allow some functions below the point of the injury. Beyond a spinal injury being complete and incomplete, there are many different subcategories describing specific places in which a spinal cord injury can occur:

  • Cervical level injuries: When the cervical area of the spine is damaged, it can lead to paralysis or weakness in all limbs and extremities.
  • Thoracic level injuries: These are not very common given the protection the rib cage affords the spine, but they can lead to paraplegia, which is paralysis or weakness in the legs.
  • Lumbar and sacral level injuries: These lead to paralysis or weakness in the legs, but usually do not affect the arms. They may lead to other issues with the lower portions of the body, including loss of bladder or bowel control.
  • Herniated discs: The vertebrae that make up your spine are separated by small, cushioning discs. When one of these discs ruptures, it is known as a herniation, which can irritate nearby nerves and cause numbness in extremities.

Back injuries can result from almost any type of accident, but are most common in motorcycle accidents, car accidents, falls and sports injuries.

Treatment options for those with spinal injuries

Treatment of spinal and back injuries — if not treatable with physical therapy — often require invasive surgical procedures. Surgery can stabilize an injury with pins or plates and can also decompress areas of the spinal cord that have shifted out of place. It is also possible to transfer nerves or tendons to the damaged area, usually in an effort to improve hand and arm functions. Surgical options restore some measure of stability to the injured area and can restore a certain amount of lost functionality. Rehabilitative therapies can help those who have suffered a spinal injury regain a certain amount of functionality and live as independently as possible. Exercise, massage, passive movements and other methods prevent muscles from wasting away and help people become more comfortable using prostheses and wheelchairs.

Most medical options for back injuries are expensive, and they usually require several procedures over a long period of time. A skilled injury attorney can be instrumental in helping you recover the compensation necessary to pay for these procedures.

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