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The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act Must be Met By Businesses

The current law in the state of North Carolina, requires any business employing three or more workers to subsequently purchase workers’ compensation insurance or to alternatively have the means to self-insure.

Any employer caught not abiding by this law is subject to face sanctions, fines and criminal charges. However, many employers find loopholes in the law to claim that their business is part of a different category and they do not need to maintain coverage.

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What are the Exceptions to North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Law?

That’s a great question! Here is a list of the exceptions to the law, as per the North Carolina Industrial Commission

  • Certain railroad employees.
  • Employees commonly referred to as “casual employees”.
  • Domestic servants.
  • Farm laborers, whose employer typically hires fewer than ten, non-seasonal, full time employees.
  • North Carolina federal government employees.
  • Sellers of products pertaining to agriculture.


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