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Injured Workers Deserve Fair Settlements For Their Losses


In North Carolina, if you’ve suffered from a critical work-related injury or illness, and you are in the percentage of people who may unfortunately not recover fully, you may be eligible for PPD, which stands for permanent partial disability – even if, you are able to return to full-time duties. PPD can be awarded in different ways, but most notably, a doctor must certify that disability itself, and certify and assign a rating establishing the degree of severity.


The North Carolina Industrial Commission has reserved the ability to set the amount given out for certain PPD awards. Because of this, it is in your best interest to speak to the attorneys at Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban. Our team strives to fight for the benefits that you’re deserving of.


Making Sense of the NC Workers’ Compensation Act

In North Carolina, if a worker suffers the loss of a body part completely, they’re able to receive total disability benefits during the healing period, and compensation for their loss afterwards. The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act provides information on the rates that are paid out over periods of compensation. Please read below to further understand this situation, and what you, or a loved one, may be entitled to:

If the loss is partial, the worker in question is eligible to receive PPD benefits as a percentage of the maximum possible compensation, based on the rating their primary care physician assigns.

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How Do I Know if my Disability Rating is Right?


Often times, doctors will record the percentage of loss that makes sense to them, but it may also not be accurate as it’s only their assessment. 

If you disagree with the rating that they’ve assigned, you are entitled to have your employer pay for you to receive a second opinion from any doctor of your choosing. The reason why disability ratings are important are because they play an enormous factor in the determination of your any PPD benefits. 

Please carefully read through the examples below to understand the process in more clarity:

  • Disability rating x 66 ⅔% (workers’ compensation rate) x weekly wage x weeks allowed for particular body part = total compensation.

So, here’s how a 25% disability rating would work, for an employee with an injured back, who makes $800 a week: 

  • 0.25% rating x 0.66 ⅔% comp., x $800 weekly wage x 300 weeks = $40,020.


As you can see from the example above, the higher the rating, the more financial compensation you are able to receive. This is why it’s so important that you explore all options and do not just settle for the first rating assigned, there could be many underlying complications and issues that will come into play and affect the rating you receive.


Local North Carolina Attorneys Providing Forceful Advocacy for Permanent Partial Disability Claims

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