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From 2004 to 2018, over 450 Americans Were Killed Due to Dog Bite Attacks!

According to, the victims of severe dog bite attacks will most likely suffer from acute damage, which means they’ll be required to pay anywhere from $250,000 to $1M for specialized medical treatment such as reconstructive surgery, skin grafts, tissue expansion and scar diminishment – and, medical studies and statistics indicate that multiple procedures may be needed to correct the damage done initially.

Dog bite laws vary from state to state in the U.S., so if you, or someone you love was attacked by a dog, the best move to make is to hire a law firm that’s versed in all laws – that way, you’re able to receive the maximum in financial compensation.


Click below to read through the dog bite laws in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia

North Carolina

In North Carolina, dog owners are held strictly liable for any ‘dangerous dog’ or any dog that is ‘potentially dangerous’ – meaning that, owners are held responsible for bites from a dog who’s already bitten someone else in the past, or one that was previously deemed to be ‘dangerous’. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations for dog bite attacks is three years from the accident.

South Carolina

In South Carolina, a dog doesn’t even have to bite someone else for the law to come into place – as the state imposes strict liability even if a dog jumps up/on another individual causing them to fall and get hurt. If the attack takes place on public property, or when the injured person is on private property legally, the owner is liable, as long as the person attacked did not purposely provoke the dog. South Carolina also imposes a three year statute of limitations on any dog bite attacks that take place.

In Virginia, owners are not liable for dog bite attacks unless they knew or were already aware of their dog being dangerous and exhibiting aggressive tendencies. It can be extremely difficult to prove that, and will sometimes feel close to impossible. It is also a possibility to prove that the owner violated a state-wide, or county-wide ordinance, such as a leash law.


Our attorneys understand the gravity of the circumstance when an animal bites or attacks someone, so we work diligently to build and prove your case.

Dog bite injuries can be serious and sometimes deadly. Sadly, the victim of a dog bite is most likely to be a child. These cases often involve scars, both physical and emotional. Physical scars are most often to the face, and the mental trauma associated with the injury can echo throughout the victim’s lifetime. The cost of medical care, including rehabilitation and plastic surgery, can be exorbitant.

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Over $675 Million Was Paid Out In Liability Claims Related to Dog Bite Attacks in 2018!


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