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When Tragedy Strikes, MRSB Will Be There To Pick Up the Pieces

Whenever a family member, or friend, is taken too quickly, from a sudden and sporadic event, it can be incredibly trying on all surviving individuals close to them. At Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban, our team of attorneys strives to closely monitor and review, as well as investigate, all key factors that played a role in your loved ones death. 

Our attorneys treat our clients like family – we’re available around the clock, weekdays and on the weekend. We will even come to you! 

What Can Cause a Fatal Accident?

Here are some ways that fatal accidents occur: 


North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia Fatal Accident Laws

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Understanding wrongful death claims in North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia

The rules of who can sue vary by state; in some states a close family member can initiate a suit, in other states a personal representative of the decedent’s estate files the action. The damages available vary also; some jurisdictions allow the estate to recover for the victim’s pain and suffering prior to death, others only allow family members to recover for their own losses: economic, noneconomic or both.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, personal representatives or family members of the fatal accident victim are able to recover any type of economic disbursement in regards to medical fees, loss of income, and/or any funeral expenses. Pain and suffering as well as any punitive damages may also be available. The statute of limitations in North Carolina is two years from the date of the death.

South Carolina

In South Carolina, executors of the deceased party’s estate are able to bring up lawsuits on their behalf, as well as on the behalf of surviving family members. The statute of limitations on South Carolina fatal accident deaths is three years from the deceased party’s death. Recovery of economic disbursement in regards to medical fees, loss of income, or any funeral expenses is able to be tried for, by the executor or surviving family members.


In Virginia, surviving family members have immediate rights to file for a fatal accident lawsuit. If none are still in existence, other surviving dependents may file a claim. Economic gains can be in excess of, but are in no way guaranteed to be $350,000 for punitive damages. The statute of limitations for fatal accident claims in Virginia is two years.

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