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Workers’ compensation exists to protect injured workers. If you are injured or become sick while on the job, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance has to pay for your medical treatment. Also, you are entitled to receive a portion of your previous average weekly wages while you are unable to work. In theory, this means that an injured worker does not have to worry about anything except recuperating. In reality, you face many obstacles.


The process of filing for workers’ comp in North Carolina is a complicated one requiring many different forms and adhering to many deadlines before you receive the money you need to support your family. Unfortunately, your employer and your employer’s insurance company benefit if your claim is filed incorrectly or denied. Your employer is not obligated to tell you about the different forms you have to file or deadlines you have to meet. They can challenge your claim, saying that you were drunk or under the influence of drugs when the accident happened. They can challenge the judge’s decision and force you to go through an extremely complicated appeals process. Your best choice is to have the help and guidance of a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer looking out for your best interests.

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If you are injured in an accident at work, by law you are entitled to two-thirds of your pre-injury average weekly wage for the time you are medically excused from work and your employer/workers’ compensation insurance company is responsible for paying for your medical treatment. If your injury is permanent, meaning you have a, you may be entitled to additional compensation.

If you speak with a lawyer who knows the possibilities under the North Carolina workers’ compensation laws, you may find any number of alternative opportunities. With the skilled team of Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban by your side, you can be sure that every option has been explored to your best advantage.


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