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Feb 3, 2020 | Mass Torts, News

Every legislative session brings new laws, but there’s usually a delay between the passing of a law and its implementation. As a result, many state residents forget the laws are coming. In 2018, there are a few laws you need to know about that may affect you directly. They concern opioids, veterans’ rights, and police procedure during traffic stops.

  • The Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention Act — Also known as the STOP Act, this law, which targets Schedule II and Schedule III opioids, passed unanimously in both houses of the General Assembly. While most provisions affecting dispensers went into effect in 2017, prescriber provisions are being phased in over the next three years. Key parts of the law limit first-time prescriptions of targeted control substances for acute pain to five days or less. Prescriptions following a surgical procedure must be limited to a seven-day supply. These restrictions do not apply to drugs being wholly administered in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices or residential care facility.
  • Senate Bill 578 — This law attempts to measure the economic impact of veteran-owned businesses throughout the state. The veteran population in North Carolina is estimated to be about 770,000. Under this law, the Secretary of State must compile annual information about the number of veteran-owned small businesses and share that data with the state’s Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.
  • House Bill 21 — If you have a teenager enrolled in driver education this spring, you probably already know about this law, which requires programs throughout the state to include instruction on law enforcement procedures during traffic stops. The law is intended to help drivers understand what is required of them if a police officer pulls them over. The hope is that understanding can relieve tension and prevent escalations that can lead to serious injuries.

Our attorneys encourage you to familiarize yourself with these laws and how they might affect you. As lawyers who deal with human tragedy on a daily basis, we hope these laws have their intended effect of improving the health, safety and general welfare of North Carolinians.

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