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Settling A Case vs. Litigation: Three Things You Need to Know!

Feb 3, 2020 | Blog, Defective Medical Device, Mass Torts, Medical Malpractice, News, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation

If you or someone you love currently has a personal injury claim, it’s important to remember that there are many key choices that need to be made throughout the entirety of the process. The most important of which is whether to accept an offered settlement or take your case to a trial. If you choose to accept an early settlement offer, typically you should anticipate receiving less money than your case is worth.

When your attorney begins negotiating your settlement offer, it’s important for you as the client to know the following three things:

Do Settlements Help with Outstanding Economic Losses?

When agreeing to receive a settlement, your first focus should be on obtaining enough money to cover your medical bills, and also any potentially or already lost wages from your job. However, if there is even a slight chance that contributory negligence may have happened, or if there are any underlying doubts regarding causation, it may be difficult to get the money you deserve, and you may have to settle for far less than you had your sights set on.

Do Settlements Help Prepare for any Future Economic Losses?

If you suffered from any type of injury, and it is likely that medical care will be needed going forward, you must plan for those expenses when assessing your settlement offer.

Do Settlements Help Rectify Non-Economic Losses?

This area is the hardest to evaluate when planning or negotiating a settlement offer, as it requires any client to put trust in the actions of their attorney. By looking through any verdicts and settlements they’ve had in the past, it can certainly aid in helping you understand what your case may bring about.

If you feel as if the settlement offer is fair, before you agree – it’s time for you to ask yourself one final question.

Can You Live With These Scenarios?

  • The compensation received at trial may potentially be far less than your settlement offer.
  • There could be an outstanding delay in receiving your damage award.
  • The defendant typically appeals to the damage awarded, which can cause multiple, further delays.
  • An increase in the fees/costs for your attorney.

But, if you feel as if the settlement offer is not fair, the clear choice is to proceed forward with a trial. The advantages of a trial are, but may not be limited to the following:

  • A jury of your peers may feel inclined to award far more than once thought.
  • The costs of the trial may force the hand of the defense, resulting in a larger economic outcome than once thought.

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