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Clorox Recall, Pine-Sol

News: Major Clorox Recall, Here’s What to Know!

Oct 28, 2022 | Blog, Dangerous Household Product

News: Major Clorox Recall, Here’s What to Know!

Over 35 million bottles of Pine-Sol products have been recalled as they may potentially contain harmful bacteria. 

Clorox has said that some of the affected Pine-Sol products might contain a bacterium that is known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which can harm people with compromised immune systems. 

It can also harm individuals with external medical devices as they pose “a risk of serious infection that may require medical treatment,” said the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Clorox Recall, Pine-Sol

The Clorox Company is recalling 37 million bottles of its Pine-Sol cleaning products over concerns they may be contaminated with harmful bacteria.


Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a type of bacteria that is commonly found in water and/or soil and it can cause infections in the blood or lungs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

Unfortunately, it has been known to be highly resistant to antibiotics. 

It spreads easily, including by contact with contaminated hands or by touching surfaces, said Dr. Martin Blaser, the director of the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine at Rutgers University.  

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is known to be a major cause of lung infections for people with cystic fibrosis.


Clorox Recall, Pine-Sol

Pseudomonas bacteria cause well-known conditions such as hot tub rash, a red and itchy skin rash resulting from contaminated water, and also what’s commonly known as swimmer’s ear.


More Information on the Clorox Recall

Eight different versions of Pine-Sol have been recalled so far, including Pine-Sol scented multi-surface cleaners (e.g., lavender clean, sparkling wave, lemon fresh), CloroxPro Pine-Sol all-purpose cleaners & Clorox Professional Pine-Sol lemon fresh cleaner.  

The CPSC says that no injuries have been reported yet. 

The affected Pine-Sol products were made between January 2021 and September 2022 and came from Clorox’s Forest Park, Georgia factory. 

They were sold on Amazon, and at several different retail locations across the U.S., such as Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Kroger, and Dollar Tree. 

Recalled bottles have date codes that begin with the prefix “A4” followed by a five-digit number less than 22249. 

These products are sold in bottles of varying sizes, ranging from 28-to-175-fluid ounces. 

If someone has a recalled Pine-Sol bottle, the CPSC is urging them to throw it away and/or contact Pine-Sol for a refund. 

Furthermore, a website has been made to help patrons collect their Clorox recall refunds. 

Click here to head to the Clorox Recall website.

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