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Crash Reports: How to Get It & How to Read It!

Jul 28, 2020 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accident, News, Personal Injury

Crash Reports: How to Get It & How to Read It!

Last year, roughly 38,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents.

That’s only a 2% decline from the year before, which saw an estimated 39,400 deaths on the road.

Which is only a 4% decline from 2017, which saw over 40,000 car accident fatalities.

On top of that, in 2019 alone, over 4.35M people were injured in an accident and required medical attention.

What is a Crash Report?

A crash report, more commonly known as a police report, is a document that is created by the officers that are investigating an accident.

The officer/officers will create a summary of information that is based upon the testimony of both drivers and any other witnesses, as well as the opinions of the officer/officers themselves.

These crash reports are available in a variety of different ways in different states – if you’re in North Carolina, it is available 24 hours after the accident itself took place. In South Carolina, it’s typically available the same day, dependent on the officer/officers handling the accident.

And, in Virginia, reports are not available for five business days after an accident. It’s also important to keep in mind that some states will ask you to pay for an official copy of your report!

North Carolina Crash Report Laws

In North Carolina, a driver/drivers must only report an accident to the state or local police if the accident in question resulted in injuries to any of the drivers or passengers, if anyone was sadly killed, if there is property damage that exceeds $1,000.00 USD, if there was a DWI offense, or if the driver hits an unattended vehicle, whether it be on the highway or on a surface street.

South Carolina Crash Report Laws

In the great state of South Carolina, a driver/drivers must only call the police after an accident if the accident itself was the cause of bodily harm to any individual(s), or if someone was unfortunately killed due to the accident in question.

Virginia Crash Report Laws

If you or someone you love has been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Virginia, then Virginia Code § 46.2-894 requires you to report the accident to either state or your local authorities if the accident itself caused an injury/injuries, death, or the damage to any attended property.

How to Read a Crash Report

When you’re looking over your crash report, it’s important to remember one thing: details matter.

You don’t want to give an insurance company ammunition to fight back against your claim. It’s important to take the time to look over all of the information, ensuring it’s accurate. This would include your name, your address, your driver’s license number, and the exact date and time of your accident.

It’s also important to look over the information on the injuries, how they were caused, who was injured and make sure it’s all correct before you proceed forward.

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